Sock Knitting Class

Today I had my second attempt at teaching a circular sock knitting class, and I’m happy to report this one was a huge improvement over the last. It helped that I changed the course description to make it more of an intermediate lesson, which meant I wasn’t struggling with people who didn’t know the difference between a knit and a purl. I also only had four people this time so I could give them a lot more individual attention. We managed to pretty much get through both mini-sock projects I had prepared – a traditional “leg down” turned-heel sock and a “toe-up” short-row heel sock – and I think everybody learned something new. Surprisingly, they all loved the short-row sock (which my original group just couldn’t get their heads around). So I guess I’ve cracked the secret to teaching: get better students. 🙂

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  1. Shhh…don’t give away these secrets of the profession, Kris, or else EVERYONE will figure out how to be a good teacher and the rest of us won’t look quite so talented anymore! 🙂

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