Yesterday Amy and I headed out to Westfield Bondi Junction with the aim of picking out a new dress for me to wear to Steve and Kate’s wedding this weekend. We were armed with a copy of the What Not to Wear book and I was confident that, with Trinni and Susannah and Amy’s help, I couldn’t go wrong. We marched into Myer repeating the lessons from the “Big Tits” and “Big Arms” sections: no high necks, no short sleeves, go for deep V’s and 3/4-length sleeves. Lo and behold, the first dress I tried on was a plain black wrap dress, the kind that fashionistas are always telling you look great on everyone. And guess what? It looked fabulous on me. (That’s what Amy said, anyway.) We tried on a bunch more but I kept coming back to that one. My only worry is that it’s a bit more “grown-up” than I normally dress, but I guess the bright red hair will counteract any Mrs. Robinson effect, right? We finished it off with some sexy black sandals and a bling-y long silver necklace. Don’t worry; I’ll be posting a photo soon. (And if you’re in Sydney, you’ll probably see me wearing this everywhere as it’s the most flattering thing I own.)

On a related note, I actually tried on one or two size 14 garments… and they fit! Not perfect, but I didn’t rip them like the Hulk or anything. I’m getting closer to my goal!