Bollywood costume

The Snook and I need to whip up last minute Bollywood costumes for the wedding this weekend. Anybody got any ideas? I’m asking over on AskMeFi too…


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  1. Bend It Like Beckham may have some ideas and be a little more readily available than a Bollywood film.

    If you don’t want to go with a saree, you could search for Salwar Kameez with a dupatta (scarf worn around the neck or head). It is a long top and coordinating pants I prefer them to sarees any day!

    My niece was had a set that consisted of a pair of simple black pants and a red tunic top with black and gold embroidery and beads around the neckline. The top went to about mid thigh. It was simple but stunning.

    As to accessories, bangles. Lots and lots of bangles. Silver, gold or colored glass to match. When I was a little girl I was the bangles princess. Even for adults, bangles are still an essential.

    For the Snook, simple off white, tan or gray salwar and kameez. But now that I think of it, more and more Bollywood movies tend to have the younger guys in black pants, crisp white dress shirts and a jacket unless it is set on the beach. Then it is usually a tunic top and white pants.

    If all else fails.. Google image search bollywood fashion for inspiration.

    I really have to stop watching the Indian music show during breakfast on Sunday mornings.

  2. There is the Fiji market at the St Peters end of King St. You could get a cheap sair there, and then later use the fabric for something else

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