Brokeback Mountain

Does anybody else really, really want to see Brokeback Mountain? Because I am all about gay cowboy lurve…


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  1. hot gay cowboys? i’m definitely intrigued.

  2. We should wait til it comes out on DVD, Reen, and then both watch it at the same time on a marathon international phone call so we can swoon together as Donnie Darko and Heath Ledger make out… 🙂

  3. i mean, are you kidding? i’d watch these guys do it alllll day! i can’t wait.

  4. hey RT, maybe we should wait until I come visit next spring to watch it. I’m really coming this time, I promise.

  5. Hey Other Andrew, maybe we can finally meet up and see the movie together! I have a feeling we’re going to get along swimmingly… 🙂

  6. Buzz is that it’s actually a good movie, too (in addition to the hottness). 😉

  7. Oh, boy. I’m so there.

  8. I have become obsessed. Can’t stop blogging about it. Created my first fan appreciation page today. Make me stop!!!


    Read the short story last month, though, and it’s amazing. Can only hope Ang Lee does it justice. The Venice win was a great sign.

  9. Yay! An internet site devoted to a movie about gay cowboys. You’re going straight to the top of my bookmarks, Dave! 🙂

  10. hahaha. thanks, kris.

    How the hell are we going to control ourselves unitl Dec?

    I sure hope the straight people embrace it.

  11. Hey, I’m straight and I’m ALL ABOUT IT. 🙂

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