Meaningless Commentary

Man, when you TiVo and then liberally use the fast-forward button, Australian Idol is almost watchable! I have to admit, most of the performances this week were pretty boring. The Snook and I both liked Dan the best. I yelled out loud when Kate came onscreen: “Ahhh! BIG ARMS! NO SPAGHETTI STRAPS!” like the fashion robot I have become. I mean, seriously, though. She’s a gorgeous girl but that tank made her look like a linebacker. The most unintentionally hilarious moment of the show was during Chris’s intro video, when I mused “He looks like Weird Al Yankovic’s slightly ‘cuter’ younger brother…” and the Snook added, “…Yeah, crossed with the TOE SUCKER from Six Feet Under!” I’m still laughing.

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  1. welcome to the dark side.

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