Vasectomy Awareness Week

Did you know that it’s Vasectomy Awareness Week and that you can watch an actual vasectomy online? I sure as hell didn’t. I obviously can’t watch it at work, but I’m kinda curious to see what the procedure entails… (Hear that scream in the distance? That’s the Snook reading this in his office across town.)


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  1. omg I watched it.. why did I watch it? agh!

  2. I remember back when J. was getting is masters, he came back from class one day saying that some of the [older, more married] guys were talking about getting a vasectomy. He seemed a little surprised that couples would choose sterilization as a method of contraception.

    My response? “Oh yeah, you didn’t know that you were getting snipped after we were done having kids?”

    I don’t think he blanched too much…

  3. They performed vasectomies on the aircraft carrier that I was on. They are all set up for surgery with a motion stabilized table and all, but still…

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