GO IRISH! Holy crap, #10? I might have to start listening to the games again.


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  1. Being a Buckeyes fan I have a growing love for ND. Their win over Michigan made me so happy!

  2. That Michigan game was so stressful! The commentators and The Mister kept saying “oh yeah, it’s in the bag” but I have vivid memories of us blowing it (and pulling it out) in the final minutes, so I was biting my nails right until the end.

    A #10 ranking seems a bit high (memories of opponents’ fans chanting “ov-er ra-ted” are coming back), but if there was a classiness ranking, Michigan should get 0° Kelvin. Appalling, really.

  3. What’d they do? I got that from your post but I haven’t read anything about their behavior…

  4. The fans were booing their own players and throwing stuff on the field (from the looks of it, Aquafina bottles mainly). I can kinda understand their reaction (they were supposed to be ranked third after all) but to actually act on it? Not cool.

  5. Actually brigita… from the tv I was sitting at, the timing suggested that the students were booing the 2 really questionable calls by the refs- not that that means it’s ok to throw water bottle on the field, because it’s not. But we don’t boo our own players… loyalty and all. Of course, I’ve just got screwed up loyalties- UM alum, and ND grad student – I’m supposed to always be happy, but somehow, it was just depressing. Oh well- MSU game this weekend!

  6. Great point, Kristine—I totally missed that they could have been protesting a call (the officiating was pretty bad). Thanks for perspective adjustment! 🙂

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