I have to face the fact that I have been in total denial about my nose for the past week. I have a full-blown sinus infection. I feel like somebody punched me in the face, and everytime I cough I feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out. Friday I’m off for some antibiotics…


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  1. Ow! I feel for you, man. I’m currently in denial about my allergies. Get well soon!

  2. If you think that is bad, try having your nose reconstructed 4 times. The packing they stick up your nose stops all air supply, and every time you swallow, your ears pop. I’ll spare you the details for what happens when the packing gets removed…

  3. It’s better today, but I’m still going in tomorrow morning. My mom’s apparently had a case of low-level sinusitis for going on two months now and I’m trying to avoid that. Plus if it keeps happening, they’ve suggested that I might have to get surgery to clean the suckers out… 🙁

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