Thanks to Deb for sending through this schweet picture of the Snook and me at Steve and Kate’s Bollywood dinner last weekend…


And don’t worry, Mom. That facial hair lasted about 24 hours before he shaved it off. 🙂


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  1. you guys look awesome!

  2. You can totally see that your bone structure is showing your weight loss, look at those cheek bones!

  3. bollywood dinner party?



  4. Thanks! The party was pretty fun. Steve (the groom) and his parents cooked the most amazing spread of curries and assorted Indian nibbles for us all. (Mmm, still drooling over the chargrilled lamb cutlets.) And Kate (the bride) and her Mom had provided like a dozen extra saris for those chicken women who hadn’t bothered to bring one. My biggest problem was just tying the damn thing. I’d read on the Internet how to do it but I just couldn’t get it secure enough for my liking. So I just used about 25 safety pins and wore jeans underneath. Worked like a charm! (Our outfits came, as most of our outfits do, from The Costume Shop in Surry Hills.)

  5. you guys look AWESOME! I like your hair like that Kris

  6. I had it the sides pulled back into braids. Again, I was going for as much “flair” as possible to detract from my sore lip…

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