Game Show Host: Which Wright brother made the first maiden flight at Kitty Hawk?
Me: (with absolute certainty) Frank!
Snook: (eyeing me askance) Uh, Orville.
Game Show Host: That’s right; it was Orville, not Wilbur.
Me: (complete double-take) What the–? Who the hell is Frank?

It’s my sinusitis, I swear.


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  1. There was an architect named Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m ashamed to say this but it seems everything i know i learned from the Simpsons – Apu said Marge’s hair was designed by him.

  2. Yeah, I know of him. (You can visit his house in Chicago.) I guess that must have been where I got it from. I was just absolutely convinced that I had it right. And when Rodd said “Orville” I was like, “Oh, right, the other Wright brother.” And then the announcer mentioned Wilbur, and I realized that there was no Frank involved. And for some reason I laughed myself silly. Maybe I should lay off the Pseudofed for a while…

  3. Isn’t there a Frank Redenbacher? (Redenbacher/Orville/Frank, get it?)

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