New TC site is up

We’ve just “flipped the switch” to the new server for the Tapestry Craft website. It shouldn’t look any different to you folks, but it’s nice to have a little more breathing room (disk-space-wise). I also had to do a bit of programming to modify our software to display knitting wools the way we wanted. Oh, and the first batch of tapestries are now online! Big thanks to the Snook for listening to my ranty phone calls during the day and helping me out. (He’s the best.)


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  1. Wow! All that Cleckheaton Country! But seriously, it is really imnpressive. Does it update automatically when a ball is sold or do you have to edit it at regualr intervals?

  2. Heh. I knew somebody would call me out for that! Actually the Country was really just my “proof-of-concept” item. The software we use – OsCommerce – didn’t really allow us to have an “umbrella” product with different colour options below it. So I had to hack that bit in myself. Pretty neat, huh? Now I should be able to add the other wools pretty quickly. (If I can ever get some time away from serving in the shop… *grumble* People always calling in sick… *grumble*)

    But yeah, it’s all automatic. The stock levels are currently updating every night, which means that you could have a situation where the website thinks we have 24 balls of something but then a customer in the shop buys them all first thing in the morning. That’s why we’re aiming to eventually have the updating happen in real-time, so you’ll always know exactly* what we have in the shop.

    (* Or as exact as we can get it. Due to things being put on hold – and theft – there’s always a possibility of the numbers being out. Which is why we’re upping the frequency of our stocktaking to hopefully combat this.)

  3. Countr 12ply is up there now too… 🙂

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