At LAST it has been said!

At LAST it has been said!
Finally someone on Australian Idol heard my anguished pleas. Kate did a pretty good job with her Queen song tonight but all I could see were those gigantic shoulders lookin’ at me. “Cover up those tuck shop arms,” Kyle finally said, and I CHEERED over here in my living room. I don’t mean to be harsh – I’m a big girl myself, after all – but it needed to be said. I wish I could swear spaghetti-strap tops and puff sleeves too, but sometimes you just have to live in reality. That said, I have been noticing a ton of 3/4-sleeve wrap tops in the shops right now that would look really great on Kate (and me). I should fly to Melbourne and be her style consultant for the rest of the series. She’d totally win.

(Note that it only took me one day of reading the What Not to Wear book for me to consider myself a style maven.)

That said, how crap was Laura tonight? As soon as she announced her song the Snook and I were like, “Whaa–? Silverchair are a Supergroup?” And then she BUTCHERED IT. I hate it when the judges are mean, but man, those “that was the lamest performance that ever lamed its way to Lameville” comments were spot on. Please, please let her be gone and justice return to the world. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rip Lee‘s kickass punk version of “Roxanne” to my iPod so I can ROCK OUT to it all week…


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  1. Which Australian Idol were you watching? I clearly remember Lee hitchhiking to Lamesville with Roxanne. He’s about as punk rock as my Grandma. 🙂
    But – I also asked “since when is Silverchair a Supergroup” heck I couldn’t even think of the bands name. The only thing I was impressed about was Emily’s ‘Bohemian Rapsody’.

  2. Hahaha! I thought about your previous post on Kate’s arms when Kyle told Kate to cover up her tuck shop arms!! Which Idol is your favorite so far? I love Lee (totally agree with you about his kickass song last night!) and Emily.

  3. AMEN! (on the arm thing, she needs some sleeves is she’s gonna be on stage) But yeah, ‘Good Charlotte’ dude is lame as hell. But I do like the guy with the dreds and the girl with the really blue eyes (I’m so bad with names…)

  4. oh and I agree with Rob’s vote for Emily. she ROCKED!

  5. I told the Snook this morning: “Rob didn’t like Lee’s performance! He liked friggin’ Bohemian Rhapsody!” Snook: “Which one did Bohemian Rhapsody?” Me: “Emily.” Snook: “Which one is that?” Me: “One of those interchangeable Islander-lookin’ girls.” Snook: “Oh yeah, the funny-lookin’ one.”

    See, I’m all about the people who are DIFFERENT on this damn show. Natalie last week? Lovely girl, very talented, yet I had a hard time telling her apart from Roxie. Same with Ann and Emily. Same with the two punky chicks (one of whom is already gone and the other whose name I can’t remember). My favorites are the memorable ones. Dan – he’s memorable. Lee – memorable. James – dorky but memorable. Kate – memorable. I think it’s gonna get winnowed down til we have just one of each “type”, and that’s when the competition will really start.

    But I can’t believe the Lee-haters! He’s just havin’ fun, y’all! As soon as I heard he was doing “Roxanne” I was like, “Oh, noooo…” expecting the worst. And then I remembered the kick-ass driving bridge and realized you could actually do a decent “punk” cover of it. That’s why I like him. The rest were all just doing karaoke; he’s the only one who consistently tries to put his own spin on the arrangements. (And maybe I just have a tiny little corner of my heart roped off for short fast dumb pop songs that I can pogo to…)

    (Emily sang well but I had to give her minus 50 points for unoriginality. Why even bother with a seven minute song if you’re only going to do 90 seconds of it? At least she didn’t live down to my expectations and do the operetta bit…)

  6. I did have to look up her name.

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