Fenella and Mippy

Thanks to Rob, I now have kickass (almost to the point of scariness) desktop wallpaper in the form of Miss Helen‘s Blythe dolls, Fenella and Mippy.

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  1. those blythe dolls scare the crap outta me. they look so *evil* somehow. i can’t explain why such seemingly sweet dolls give me the creeps.

  2. Helen’s are especially creepy, given that one of them is missing a set of the eye chips, so you’re happily clicking away from blue eyes to green to brown and then suddenly there’s an iris-less zombie Blythe looking at you.

  3. i went an asked metafilter why i’m scared of blythe dolls. apparently it’s because of the uncanny valley/

  4. I loved the wall paper. Check out elkharttruth.com, GOSHEN TO CELEBRATE KNITTING…and you’re in Austrailia.
    Dang it all.

  5. Oiy! Mippy heard that. I’m putting in a new set of eyechips as soon as the paint dries!
    I sort of wish their faces weren’t so shiney, but you can sand matte them, but I don’t want to ruin them. Oh god, I am such a nerd.

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