Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

In 1982 three twelve-year-olds saw Raiders of the Lost Ark and decided to film their own shot-by-shot remake. It took them seven years to finish. And next week, the Snook and I are going to see it in Sydney. I’ve got the theme music playing in my head already…


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  1. aw man, we are so there

  2. I am so jealous! I heard about this a while back and have been dying to see it ever since… Ooh, wait—looks like it might be coming to my part of the world after all! Woo!

  3. I just looked at the website and the Monday show is sold out, have you guys bought tix yet? I’ll ring ya later about it.

  4. Yeah, I got some online last night…

  5. … for Thursday, I should’ve said. Wasn’t sure we should. That’s pushing it for the party! But we’re gonna go anyway. I should’ve called you guys!

  6. Cool. Kate and myself also have tix. See you there!

  7. Yay, fun! (Although if you dress as Indy and Marion for Halloween, we’re all gonna know where you got the inspiration…!)

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