Happy/Sad Mac Sweater

Total knitting nerdery: Happy Mac / Sad Mac Sweater. Oh man, if I made one of these for me and then one with Tux on it for the Snook… My head would explode.


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  1. you’ve gotta be one of most likably nerdy friend-pairs. to you.

    secondly, the phrase “sad mac” now only reminds me of sex and the city. anyone remember that episode?

  2. Ooh, that’s the one where SJP learns to use zip disks, isn’t it? How very 1997… 🙂

  3. Did you see this knitted Romero tribute? I can’t remember if I saw it here or not (Via Quiddity.)

  4. yes, that’s the one – aidan gets her a new mac after hers can’t be recovered. aww, sjp! miss that show.

  5. I’ve seen it on a couple different knitblogs… Pretty neat! I haven’t really tried toys yet. I’m afraid they’re going to be too fiddly.

  6. Maybe this helps you to knitting Tux.
    (linux scarf. sorry, only in finnish)

  7. That’s so awesome, jussi! I’ve seen illusion knitting before but I haven’t done any of it. Any chance you could help me translate it?

  8. I have a funny feeling that this is a rhetorical question and NO is NOT a possible answer :->>.
    Now i must try to find a finnis-english knitting dictionary (and english-english too).

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