I had a nightmare I was a brunette

Nora pointed me to these offensive T-shirts and I was all prepared to get righteously, feminist-ly angry, but instead I found myself laughing because I passed a chick on Broadway yesterday wearing the one that says, “I had a nightmare I was a brunette.” And she was a brunette.


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  1. I’m easily offended by sexist t-shirts (like when I saw the guy on campus a few weeks ago with a “amature gynocologist” t-shirt on), but I’m seriously considering buying the “who needs brains..” one. It’s ironic (unlike those anti-feminist playboy shirts that I HATE!). Okay, rant over.

  2. At our Knitter’s Guild meeting today I was talking to the treasurer as she was juggling all the day’s tea money takings and I told her about the “I’m too pretty to do math!” one, and she was like, “OHMYGOD, I’D TOTALLY WEAR THAT!” And I said, “ME TOO!” They’re like the Malibu Stacey episodes on the Simpsons. They’re so over the top, you just have to laugh. If stupid people take them sincerely, that’s their problem.

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