Sounds like heaven!

No offense to the breeders, but the Snook and I would looooove a restaurant that required children to be well-behaved. I’m not anti-kid; I’d sit down to dinner with Billy and Carissa Gaghan any day of the week. I’d just like a reduction in the number of times a nice dinner is ruined because some assclown both A) refused to get a sitter for the night and B) can’t control their heathen of a child. (And as long as we’re doing pie-in-the-sky wishes, can I get adult-only doctors’ waiting rooms too?)


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  1. I’d like to add adult-only showings of movies. If Hollywood is going to make children’s movies that adults like too, why can’t we keep little kids out of the 11pm showing and let the childless grown-ups enjoy the movie? Am I really the only one who doesn’t like 5-year-old chatter with my Harry Potter movies?

  2. I agree on both (restaurants and movies). It’s not that I hate kids (hell, I work with kids!) But I do think gets get away with TOO much.
    And on the doctor’s waiting room, my dentists’ office has a kids room that has toys and video games AND has a door that closes. Reason #32 that I love my densist.

  3. You’re a Gaghan fan? Ewww….
    I’ve gotten so over kids at the movies that I try to Gold Class it for the really big films now so I won’t have to put up with the little buggers.

  4. None of the people commenting here have children.

  5. Well, exactly. That’s kind of the point, grandpa_joe. I’m not complaining about kids’ behavior so much as I’m complaining that those of us who don’t have them are just expected to always cater to those that do. And it’s not that I expect there to be an “adults only” room at Chuckee Cheese. Some stuff is for kids, and I’ll accept that. I can see what Parker’s getting at with the Potter thing but for me, the experience of seeing those movies is enhanced by having kids around. It’s the stuff that isn’t necessarily aimed at kids but that adults still insist on dragging them to that bugs me. (I’m still bitter about the asshole parents dragging screaming toddlers through the Book of Kells exhibit at Trinity College, Dublin.)

    And I love the Gaghan kids! Yeah, they’re a little annoying, but those are some of the most well-behaved kids I’ve seen on TV. (The Snook and I have been downloading so we’re caught up with the US series. When did the Aussie one start?) I’d take the Gaghan kids over those self-righteous “Christian” skanky little beeyotch Weavers any day…

  6. I can see your points. It’s just that its quite difficult for parents to try and lead a normal life without (mostly inadvertently) dragging the brats along. Childrens movies are a grey area, as its quite right to expect kids to be there, but annoying when they can’t sit still for the duration of the film. Which is almost always.

    So it should be agreed. From this point on, children are banned from cinemas and museums. It’s only fair.

  7. ….. …..
    …. ….. ….. …. …. ….
    Umm, I am ‘acquiring’ them as well. Seven said they weren’t even showing them until next year, and I thought “What’s the point?”
    I quite liked the Black kids (feels so wrong writing that! I wonder if people kept saying “Oh, look it’s the Black family, and by Black I mean it’s their name, not that I am referring to them by… oh, pass the vodka.”) They didn’t seem as obnoxious, and I have to admit I teared up a little bit in the first episode when they arrived on the mat in last place and Phil was like “I heard you took real good care of your brother” to try and make the older one feel better.

    I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this season, but I am. Mind you, I am looking forward to the normal one returning.
    Oh, and the Paolos must die! Those sons… they would never be allowed to talk about their mother in that fashion had they been in my family!

  8. Oh bugger, I did have a spoiler tag up there, but it’s disappeared. Sorry!

  9. “So it should be agreed. From this point on, children are banned from cinemas and museums. It’s only fair.”

    Awwww, now you’re deliberately twisting our words and you know it. Nobody said they should be banned outright. Children’s museums? Love ’em. I have great memories of visiting the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago as a kid. I went to the Children’s Museum in Boston during college and spent ages playing shadow video volleyball with a bunch of cool kids. But dragging a toddler to a quiet and intellectual exhibit of a medieval manuscript is just pointless. I understand that yes, it’s hard for parents to lead a “normal” life once they have kids, but there are times and places where it’s just not polite to bring children (or pets or even adults) who don’t know how to behave.

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