For the sake of future Googlers (and my own poor memory), here are the WW Points values for the menu items at Wellbeing. (They don’t have nutrition information on their website so I had to work it out from the instore fliers.)

  • Salads: Chicken: 4; Vegie: 2.5; Tuna: 2.5; Sweet Chili Potato: 1.5
  • Dressings: Balsamic: 1.5; Basil: 1.5; Garlic: 1.5; Herb Mayonnaise: 1.5
  • Soups: Chicken & Sweetcorn: 3; Minestrone: 1; Potato, Leek & Spinach: 4; Pumpkin: 4; Tomato & Basil: .5

I didn’t bother calculating the sandwiches or risottos because they’re all off the frickin’ scale…