Trail Note

Trail Note
Best run in a long time tonight. I didn’t really feel like going out; it’s been gray and drizzly and cold all day. I threw on a long-sleeved T-shirt though and promised myself some Bourke Street Bakery sourdough if I made it to the top of Enmore Road. For music I had Max’s Boot Camp Mix pumping on the iPod. I took off through Chippendale and crossed over Cleveland, winding my way through the Uni and up past the Engineering buildings. I popped out on City Road and began the long slog up to Newtown. The rain was misting down and I was literally talking myself into each and every step. “Just up to that light pole… I meant the next light pole… Now listen, legs, you can walk when you get to the traffic light…” Somewhere along the way it started to get easier, and by the time I got to Newtown Station I felt like I was cruising. I headed up Enmore Road past the landmarks of our years living there: the Oporto we visited way too often; the Cat Protection Society where we got Dr. Amy Jones; the Blockbuster where we fed our Buffy addiction. Soon I was at my intended destination so I checked the time. Only 26 minutes! I needed a new goal. “Self,” I said, “you’re gonna run all the way to the goddamn Marrickville Metro.” Halfway there my legs started to protest, but my brain stubbornly insisted that I wasn’t turning around until I’d slapped the door of the shopping center with my hand. So I did. And then I turned right around and started the long trip back home. As I came back up City Road past the Uni, I suddenly realized that it wasn’t raining anymore. I turned over and looked over my shoulder… and stopped dead at the sight. The sun had finally broken through the clouds just as it was setting over the main quad, and it was seriously some of the prettiest “God light” you’ve ever seen. I took that as a sign that I’d done enough and walked the rest of the way to the supermarket. Elapsed jogging time: 1 hour, 10 minutes. I’m gonna be hurting tomorrow…


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  1. I’m *so* impressed by how far you can get on just your feet. I’m so proud! GO KRIS GO!
    (ps. chilis)

  2. (You know I’ve totally got that in the back of my mind the whole time!)

  3. That’s awesome, Kris–I hope the mix helped you get through the rough spots! I have found, through trial and error, that misting rain is my FAVORITE weather to run in. I have no idea why–it’s just comfortable for me (and makes me feel a little hardcore). I hope your soreness is minimal today–any run I do that touches an hour (or more) pretty much guarantees achin’ legs 24 hours later. Eat lots of protein…perhaps the chicken tacos from Chili’s would be a good source? 🙂

  4. Like running in misty rain? Come to Seattle, the runner’s paradise!

    Great job, Kris. I’ve used “just make it to the next light post” more times than I can remember on runs, and it works every time. And I love how you’re getting those rewards like that sun break at the end of the run. Your descriptions read like I feel about running.

    Woo hoo!

  5. Woohoo! Reading that post made me excited to go for a run tomorrow in the rain.

  6. Wow, I managed to inspire my three running idols! That’s definitely worth the aching legs today…

    And the mix TOTALLY helped, Max. On that last bit running across the park to the shopping center I was debating whether I should turn around there or continue on just so I could say I did, and just then Technotronic came on and I was like, “HELLS YEAH, BABY!” I love Technotronic. Keep the mixes coming! (Which reminds me, I’m totally going to commission you to deejay our Halloween party in absentia next year…) 🙂

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