John – it’s a hoax. I saw this story when it first appeared… on April 1st. (The date on the left is just the current date.)


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  1. I had a feeling it might be. I’m *so* glad to have it confirmed, though.

    [Then again, if the proposed Giles spin-off comes off, who knows whether SMG might end up over here to do a guest appearance on that show. Perhaps she’s a secret Eastenders fan and would love to do a quick cameo appearance in that show too, the way Johnny Depp showed up in The Fast Show.]

  2. I’m pretty sure the Giles thing is happening. Fresh-Hell linked to an interview with Joss Whedon the other day that pretty much confirmed it. I gotta warn you, it contains some pretty big spoilers from the end of Season 5 though. Spoilers that make me think than an appearance by SMG on Giles’s show isn’t very likely to happen…

  3. As it happens, I already know about the BIG season 5 spoiler. I just don’t think that’ll necessarily stop anyone showing up in the next season (and Joss has confirmed that, so I guess that it’s a question of how it’ll happen, not whether it will.)

    The Giles spin-off seems to still be in the early stages, but hopefully it’ll happen. (Though I have my doubts about whether the idea has the legs to go beyond a miniseries.)

  4. True, true. I guess it’s supposed to be more of his “Ripper” bad-ass persona, right? Ooh, they should have Spike show up on it! He could raise hell in London. Man, I’d watch that. 🙂

  5. Oh yes, Spike in the UK would be fun. Someone would be *bound* to mock of his accent, no doubt with pretty unpleasant consequences. 🙂

  6. Does it actually sound fake to you? I mean, I know that he’s really American, but I doubt I would’ve noticed if I hadn’t already known. My ears, alas, still aren’t quite tuned to all the various British accents just yet…

  7. I’ve got used to him a bit by now, but oh yeah, it sounds horribly fake, especially when he does a fairly long speech. I’m thinking here of Spike’s speech at the start of one of his guest appearances on Angel, early in season 1, the one when he’s sarcastically commenting on Angel’s selfless efforts to rescue a young woman. It was a terrific speech, and was very well delivered, but his accent really stood out.

    It sounds like David Bowie’s accent: there’s a touch of British in there, but it’s buried in American. (Then again, why would we expect a vampire who’s lived all over the world over hundreds of years to maintain a constant accent? Humans don’t, even in their much shorter lifespans.)

    It could have been worse: if Spike was a Geordie then goodness knows what his accent would sound like by now. They might have had to cast Jimmy Nail in the part. Which would have been interesting, but he probably wouldn’t have had the same effect on the female viewing population as Mr Marsters has…

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