I’m off to have the crunchiest, chewiest dinner money can buy, because the Big Day is finally upon us! At eleven a.m. tomorrow a dentist is going to stick a needle in my mouth and then yank out two of my wisdom teeth. I plan on eating nothing but soup and Jello for a few days. Any other recovery tips? I’ll try to remember to get a good DeskCam shot of my inevitably puffy chipmunk cheeks…


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  1. When I had all four wisdom teeth extracted years ago, I found out that all the hype about pain and liquid diet just didn’t apply. As far as pain goes, I was sent home with some good pain drugs. 12 hours later, tylenol was all it took, anyway. And as far as diet goes: I had a big, juicy, home-cooked burger that evening, after my 9AM extraction. (Naturally I ate kind of gently.) Not that I planned it that way; it just didn’t end up being a problem. I know that’s not everybody’s experience, but at least it lets you know where the easy end of the spectrum is.

  2. eeep, good luck! i’ve never had mine out. i was told i wouldn’t need to, but since, it’s been a painful growing in process. since then, i’ve ALMOST wished i had ’em out.

    keep it real, alvin.

  3. I just had a wisdom tooth removed last Thursday. My jaw is still very sore/stiff – so everytime I eat it hurts. When I don’t eat, I’m fine. I didn’t have a bunch of swelling, but the Percocet they gave me helped out over the weekend, since I did have a lot of dull pain. Since I just had the one removed, I could chew things on the other side of the mouth, which really helped.

  4. From my experience (all four removed at once), it’s nothing to worry about–have the Snook pack your jaws in ice (with a towel wrapped around the ice pack, of course) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the surgery. My mom iced me down when I got in the car for the ride home from the clinic (of course, I remember none of this) and I had almost no swelling to speak of). I was also eating chips and salsa within 3 days, but I think that may have been a fluke.

  5. My mum had hers out a few years ago and she didn’t seem to have too much pain. Of course she is a vetran of medical procedure, so this might not be saying much, but she was eating normally again after a couple of days. Good luck deary!

  6. hope you are feeling better – Mrs Snook- i had my out at 18 and then got chicken pox – i looked like a cabbage patch kid with spots
    how is the cardie going?

  7. I just posted the blow-by-blow of the procedure. I’m happy to report that I seem to have come down on the easy side of the pain spectrum with Nat and Max. So far so good!

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