The Phone Rings

The phone rings.
Her: Hello, could I please speak to Mrs. Snook?
Me: Excuse me? Who is this?
Her: Is this Mrs. Snook?
Me: This is Kristine Howard.
Her: Oh, are you the new homeowner?
Me: [with some force] No, I’m Mr. Snook’s wife.
Her: [a moment’s pause, as I have clearly befuddled her] Oh, I see. Shall I call you Mrs. Howard?
Me: Whatever. Who is this?
Her: This is Kim calling from the Something Something Advertising Agency, and I’m just calling–
Me: Kim? I just had two wisdom teeth pulled from my head two hours ago.
Her: Oh, I’m sorry. I hope you feel better. Goodbye.

I was telling the truth, but I think I may be on to a great excuse for the future…

(Incidentally, the procedure went fine. The real pain hasn’t kicked in yet. I’ll post a run-down later in the night if I feel up to it…)


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  1. feel better soon Kris! You’re in my thoughts 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m glad everything went well! Fingers crossed that you heal quickly (and with the least amount of pain possible). 🙂

  3. Happy New Year Mrs…erm…Snookward. Snookwad? Lol…

    I thought of you two yesterday whilst watching the cricket. Hope your hamster cheeks subside soon…

  4. Better than the caller asking if you were Mrs. Snook, then asking if she could talk to the “man of the house.”

    Hope the real pain is taking an extended holiday, but keep the Australian equivalent of Tylenol w/codeine close at hand just in case.

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