Trivia Update

Trivia Update: We’ve officially caught the bug again, folks. This was our second week back and we had Kenya and Sal along to back us up. The Snook quickly homed in on our main competition when he recognized an old chemistry nerd friend, Tim Schmidt, sitting at a nearby table. From that moment on, it was the Science Nerds versus, well, Us. We completely boned the first round (again) yet still managed to come out tied for second. I again won us a jug based on a movie identification, completely shredding the competition because as soon as she said “Directed by Christopher Nolan…” I was OFF. We also rocked all three points of a Jaws-related puzzler (one point of which was entirely due to this post of Max’s, which allowed me to recall the setting of the movie). We ended up tied for second with Tim’s team, and it all came down to a tiebreaker: “How many individual parts are put together to make up a 747?” Did I ever mention that the Snook started out in uni as an aeronautical engineer? Needless to say, we won that sucker. Other notable questions:

  • In the old TV show Batman, who was Barbara Gordon’s alter-ego and what actress played the character?
  • Which 60’s LSD advocate said: “Turn on, tune in, drop out”?
  • Which desert is the sunniest place in the world?
  • What were the names of the three Chipmunks?

We’re still trying to identify our strengths and weaknesses as a team so we can plug the knowledge gaps. Our two real problem areas are sport (especially Melbourne Cup, Olympics, and Rugby League) and 60’s pop music identification. Any of you Sydneysiders feel you’re up to the challenge?


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  1. Let’s see…I think Timothy Leary is the LSD guy. And without question it’s Alvin, Simon & Theodore (I can name the chippettes as well). I always listened to Linda’s Go Go’s record on high speed so it sounded like them. πŸ™‚

  2. Correct and correct!

  3. was Barbara Gordon Batgirl? Actress on tip of my tongue, but can’t quite grab it!

  4. DH is a bit of an Olympics buff, well, as long as it’s Sydney 2000.. he was a volunteer in the results/IT area.

  5. Correct, Stefanie! You’ll never remember the actress though. I don’t think she went on to do anything really significant. We were throwing out Eartha Kitt (Catwoman), Diana Rigg (from the Avengers), etc etc… but none of them seemed right. It ended up being Yvonne Craig.

  6. Isn’t Antarctica the sunniest desert in the world? I likes my trick question.
    (Of course, I could be totally wrong – if that’s the case this comment will delete in five seconds)

  7. We actually considered that, Robert! The debate came down to whether 24 hours of sun for six months of the year (with possible cloudy days) equates to more “sunniness” than a desert on the equator which gets lots of sun for lots of the year. We guessed Sahara… which turned out to be right. πŸ™‚

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