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  1. Consider Pimsleur
    http://www.pimsleur.com.au/korean-c-25.html (The big one, not the little one)
    I’ve decided to learn Cantonese this year, there are a million resources on and offline, but almost everything I read points to Pimsleur (secondary of course to “complete immersion”).

    Unfortunately, both Korean and Cantonese only have 30 lessons available. The more popular European Languages have 90 lessons. After that, you’re probably best served by reading newspapers and books, watching TV, listening to radio/podcasts, talking on internet chat places (audio) and filling in any gaps with dictionaries.

  2. Whew! It’s about twice the cost of the course for about the same number of hours of instruction. Are you sure it’s worth it? I mean, I guess you’d always be able to go back to the CD’s, but that seems like a big investment for what isn’t much more than a whim of mine…

    Thanks for the suggestion though; I’ll keep it in mind. Let me know how you go with yours!

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