Scandal! Titsiana the THIEF was just in the shop! It was a tense fifteen minutes as the staff tailed her around the knitting department while the rest of us watched on the cameras in the office. She didn’t steal anything this time, but she did put some stuff on hold and we think she’s going to try to “return” the kit she stole and try to exchange it for other stuff. She was also behaving very oddly with her credit card – asking us what her limit was, etc – so we rang AmEx to alert them that it might have been stolen. It’s like Dragnet in here!


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  1. Can’t you ban her from the store or something? That’s what always happened to hoodlum teenages I knew who shoplifted in my hometown.

  2. Interesting question. I’m not sure, since we haven’t actually formally accused her of anything…

  3. call the cops next time

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