Um, excuse me Channel 10? Just what in the hell did you mean with that teaser proclaiming next week’s episode of Veronica Mars to be the “season finale”?? From where I’m sitting, it looks like episode 11 out of 22. Does this mean we’re going to be TAKING A BREAK from the only good show you currently have? Am I going to have to wait MONTHS to find out who killed Lilly (and where Veronica’s Mom is and who her Dad really is and why that scary guy falsely confessed and why Duncan dumped Veronica, etc)? If this is the way you’re going to behave, I’m going to have to spurn you yet again in favor of the Internets. I need my fix of Logan and Weevil.


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  1. they are doing the same thing with Gilmore Girls. it SUCKS!

  2. Channels in the US seem to be doing this a lot too. Stargate SG1 took a 3 winter month break as did Prison Break.

    Ah well, there is enough other rubbish out there to keep us busy 🙂

  3. Who do they think they are kidding in this day and age, when the info is so readily available for viewers to find out they are lying? This is why BitTorrent is my friend. And Channel Seven is pretending the eight season of TAR never existed as well.

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