Oh good grief. My sister just alerted me to the fact that Australia is currently suffering a bed bug invasion. Granted, it sounds like most of the trouble is in the tropical parts of Queensland so we’re definitely too far away to worry. Our biggest problem at the moment is ants. This is the second summer in a row we’ve been invaded by tiny little black ants. I hates them forever! And after a few years of avoiding them, it seems the mozzies are finally back after me with a vengeance. I managed to get bitten about a dozen times on my way home from WW Tuesday. I didn’t discover most of the bites til Thursday morning. (“You look like you’re po, Kristy!” “I know, Snookums!”)


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  1. I can relate to your ant woes–welcome to Alabama EVERY summer. I do my best to keep them at bay (boric acid mixed into jelly or corn syrup), but I usually just end up reaching a compromise with them…”Only saw three ants in the bathroom this morning–what a great day!”

  2. Beetles. Beetles. Beetles. Bloody little beetles everywhere. I think they must breed outside the bedroom window, then creep in through the flyscreen (yes they are that small). They get everywhere. I picked two out of my hair this morning (well, crushed carapaces anyway). Anyone want to swap – I’ll give 5 beetles for 2 ants…

  3. Ah, we have the exterminator coming next week for carpenter ants…they are coming out of dormancy early this year due to the mild winter which means more/earlier reproduction. Hooray.

    Max, you’re doing the right thing – exterminators use boric acid too as it’s the only thing ants haven’t become immune to.

    Kris, the guy from the exterminating company I’m using told me that bed bugs are fast becoming a HUGE problem again, so watch out…eew, eew, eew!

  4. look, i know this is about bed bugs, and i am GUESSING that’s a latex glove in the pic… but it sure looks like something else. am i wrong? am i? AM I?

  5. And I just sat down to eat my lunch. VOMIT.

  6. ewww, sis! Maybe we’ll have to rethink staying in a hotel and come stay with you?????

  7. That’s fine, Ma! But you really don’t have to worry. It’s like we live in Indiana, and the bed bug invasion is in Florida. It’s a looooong way away!

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