I shall rule the world!

As Leanne will be going back to university in a few weeks, it’s fallen to me take on more of the traditional managerial tasks here at the shop (as opposed to just huddling over the website). Last week I learned to do the banking, and this week she’s training me to do the roster. I’m therefore alternating between MWA HA HA! moments of power madness, and whimpering fits of anxiety as I realize that, yes, with great power comes great responsibility. And scheduling shifts for eight people with conflicting requirements makes my heard hurt.

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  1. I can empathise, I used to be shop manager of three stores out at the International Airport. 52 staff, 7 supervisors/department managers and shifts that started at 5.30am and finished at 10.30pm. It was hard work, but now when I look back on it (it was over 10 years ago) it had plenty of fun moments too. Ah, retail! How I loved/hated/love/hated you!

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