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The universe has its yin and yang. To balance the passing of Barney Fife, we have the amazing and wonderful news that Tara D has achieved a lifelong dream: she’s been hired by Second City. You know, Bill Murry, John Candy, Jim Belushi, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy… That Second City. CONGRATULATIONS, TARA! Seriously, the next time you’re in Chicago you must go see her in a show. You will laugh your ass off, I guarantee it.

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  1. howie! thank you!!!

    it’s such an institution – you saw those names howie wrote – and there’s probably even more you’d know of recent years… tina fey, rachel dratch, steve carrell, etc.

    since chicago is the improv/sketch capital of the world, there’s about 3 thousand of us that wouldn’t mind one of very few spots (around 20-30 altogether, meaning you wait for someone to leave, audition, wait, audition, keep working, wait, tour, wait, etc). it’s a long and often not fulfilled dream. yikes!

    now i gotta make good on it, for real, since i was blessed enough to get a spot after 6 years of doing this.

    seriously, if any of you are ever in chicago, please let me know! if i’m playing anywhere, i’ll get you tickets for free (or at least reduced). i play at comedysportz chicago (one of the best things you’ll ever see), improvOlympic (iO), and now, i understudy for SC. awesome.

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