Knitting Olympics Update

Cabled Cardigan for MarianneKnitting Olympics Update: How’s everybody been doing? I’m happy to report that Leonie (aka crumpet) has already won Australia a gold medal. So we’ve got one… and I suck. Much like Michelle Kwan, I crashed to the ice upon realizing that my program (finishing the fairisle cardigan I was designing for Marianne) was a little too ambitious and my heart just wasn’t in it. Or something. At any rate, I changed events halfway through the Games. (IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED? I’m gettin’ crazy, here.) My measurements are already six months out-of-date and winter will be ending soon, so the goal was to choose something pretty that I could crank through quickly. My eye landed on Sirdar’s Denim Book of Aran Knits, which I used last year for the Snook’s Looking Glass Jumper. And whaddaya know, there’s an adorable little hooded cardigan in there just begging to live in Colorado. As you can see at right, I’ve finished the back and both fronts (including pockets!), and I’m about halfway up the sleeves. So no, I am not going to make it in time to medal this year. But hey, if any of you want to have a Knitting Commonwealth Games, I am so ready…


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  1. go go hoodie cardigans! 🙂

    that yarn is lovely — what is it?

  2. It’s Sirdar Denim Aran. Blend of cotton, wool, and acrylic. It’s a good choice for kids because you can wash it in the machine and it’s not very itchy. Feels sorta like a sweatshirt. I’m actually making it a size or two too big in the hopes she can wear it for a few years!

  3. Oh, and the colour’s kinda weird in that photo because I can never take decent pictures of cables. It’s a light purple and white tweedy mix, which I picked because it’s the colour my two-year-old self would have loved. Lucky thing too – it appears to be Marianne’s favorite too!

  4. I’m so excited, Kris. That color and style of cardigan rocks! Marianne will absolutely LOVE it. She’s totally obsessed with pockets. I’ll be pulling all her barrettes out of them every night at bedtime.

  5. There’s two more gold medals for Australia over at KnitAnnie

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