Marianne’s Cardy

Marianne's CardyMarianne’s cardigan is finished!
And it only took me two months longer than I expected. *sigh* Of course, that’s to be expected when you completely change patterns halfway through. After struggling through a fairisle cardy of my own design, I shelved that WIP in favor of something I could actually finish in time for Marianne to get some use out of it. This little hooded, cabled cardigan is my second project from Sirdar’s Denim Book of Aran Knits, and it’s knitted out of Denim Sport Aran (in “Purple Heather,” which has since been discontinued, I think). For once I didn’t bother with altering the pattern to knit it in the round, or make it longer, or switch anything around. Instead I just cast on and did exactly what the damn thing said. I was a little worried about the sad state of my mattress stitch, but luckily since I was mostly sewing moss stitch to moss stitch, you can’t even tell where it’s wonky. I made an excursion to All Buttons Great and Small yesterday for the buttons. Isn’t it cute? This was my first experience with both pockets and a hood, and I’m really proud of how well it turned out. I hope Marianne’s Mom and Dad like it! (Note: I deliberately knitted it two sizes too big. I figured she’d grown a bit since the last measurements I had – which were six months old by now – and this way she’ll hopefully get to wear it next year too.)


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  1. Wow, K.How, it looks great! I will show Marianne your photo in the morning and she will be excited. It’s fun to have someone use their skilz to make your kid even cuter!

  2. To quote Marianne the other day when I put a new dress on her “Oh! It’s like a dream come true!” Okay, so actually that’s quoting Marianne quoting Cinderella, but you get the gist. It rocks! Thank you!

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