After work tonight the Snook and I headed over to DJ’s to pick up my birthday present. The way I figure, this thing will pay for itself after ten massages (given what I pay the Chinese lady). We’ve got it strapped to the chair just to the right of CouchCam. We’re taking it in fifteen minute turns and it’s fantastic. I’m never leaving the house again!


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  1. The Shiatsu Massaging Cushion. The joy of my existence. Before I moved to the manchester department, I worked in Small Electrical. We’d take turns keeping lookout for our manager while getting massages. Customers would fall asleep in the chair. Other customers would jump in shock when it started vibrating on their butts. Good times. I finally caved and bought Mr Crumpet one for Christmas. 😉

  2. My hairdresser has chairs like those. Soooo relaxing while having your hair washed and scalp massaged.

  3. It would be great if you ever decide to become a cab driver too! 🙂

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