Well, I bought the Rogue pattern. Jeez, it looks hard! The fact that it’s going to be such a challenge makes me feel less like I’m jumping on a bandwagon. Now I just have to figure out what size to make. I just measured my bust and got 39″. The pattern suggests an ease of 2-4″. My options are the finished bust size of 39″ or 43.5″. I’m almost thinking I should go the 39″. The 43.5″ would be a little baggy on me right now as it is, and I figure my bust is only going to shrink as I lose these last couple of kilos. I could easily lose another inch or two off that measurement. Besides, every sweater I’ve knit for myself has come out enormous. It’s time that I actually knit something fitted. Thoughts?


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  1. I say go for the 39″! Fitted tops are more comfortable, IMO, and you could probably block it a bit bigger if needed.

  2. I say 39 as well. I would also keep track of the length. I have a longer torso and ended up adding a few extra repeats.

  3. 39″, definitely. I added extra repeats too, but that’s because I’m not getting row gauge. I’d also suggest going the cardigan version – much more practical in Sydney than an Aran weight pullover.

  4. Happy Birthday Kris!

    My humble apologies for the tardy greeting…

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