Creative Empowerment

I feel a surge of creative empowerment. The Pine Street Creative Arts Centre is just around the corner from my house and I’ve been thinking of doing one of their courses for ages. Anybody else interested in doing the Thursday night pottery wheel class with me?


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  1. Hey, that’s sounds like something I’d love to do! I’ve hand-built pottery in the past but never learnt how to use a wheel. I’m in!

  2. Really? Woohoo! I’ll ring them up and see if they’ve got spots left.

  3. ooohhh, I love doing pottery.

  4. You’ll be in the US! Silly head… But it’s all moot anyway. I just rang the lady and every single one of the ceramics classes is full up! She said they were booked out before the brochure was even distributed. That sucks. I’m on the waiting list but it looks like my urge to play with clay will have to wait a few more months…

  5. Bugger!, to coin a phrase. Oh well, next time then.

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