DietBlog: It was just a little over a year ago when I asked you guys about Weight Watchers. Less than a week later I joined. Initially progress was rapid but by the end of the year I was really struggling. Fortunately 2006 brought renewed optimism and energy. Soon I accomplished one of my mini-goals: getting into a size fourteen. Then I sailed past twenty kilos lost on my way to officially not being overweight. The only two goals left were to achieve my Weight Watchers goal weight of 78 (thus qualifying me for free meetings) and then to get down to my own personal goal of 75. And tonight…


I would like to personally thank all of you guys who answered my original plea: Sara, Niffler, Jenny, Aunt Deb, Brigita, Tricia, Max, Andrew, Oolookitty, and Kristine. You guys have changed my life.


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  1. Well done. Hopefully your achievement will inspire me to reach my goal weight.

  2. That’s awesome, Kris. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  3. congratulations! you’re doing great.

  4. You are such an inspiration, Kris! It’s all I can do to not bring up “this friend of mine” every day in my nutrition classes! Congrats and enjoy!

  5. So many congratulations! It’s a great accomplishment. Now on to maintenance 🙂

  6. No, you changed your life. We just got to watch and cheer you on every once in a while.

    Congratulations!! You are an inspiration.

  7. Tricia is exactly right–and you’ve been an inspiration to more people than you know (myself included). You deserve every bit of the happiness you’re feeling right now. Congratulations!

  8. Aw… I’m so proud of you, Kris! You’ve done such an amazing job and you look fantastic. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats! Well done. I actually teared up a bit when I read this, just like I did when I got my goal weight keyring thingie… Say what you like about the slightly naff aspects of WW, but it works and it empowers people to take control of their weight. Well done, skinny.

  10. Great job. Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations just doesn’t cut it. Way to go Kristy!!!!I’m saying it right now like AJ would have said when he was about 3 years old…you know what I mean. He adored you at that age

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