DietBlog: Last night was my first Weight Watcher’s meeting in three weeks, and I really needed it. I’ve been struggling here a little bit lately to recover from the dietary fallout of the Garbericks’ visit. It’s just been so cold and wintery lately, and my stress levels at work are starting to ramp up a bit. (*cough* SALE! *cough*) I’ve been feeling constantly hungry, and though I can deal with those feelings when I’m properly mentally-armoured, I just haven’t had the willpower these last two weeks. I’ve been binging – not on bad stuff, but still binging – and neglecting to track any of my Points. I’d normally count on exercise to bring me out of this funk, but with this damn hamstring injury I haven’t been able to do much. (It’s finally starting to feel normal again, but I’m seeing a physio tonight just to be sure.) So all in all, I knew going in to the meeting that I was going to have a gain. My only goal was to keep it under 80kg. And I did! I’m back up to 79.7 – yeah, overweight again – but I’m trying to keep things in perspective. I have less than 5kg to go to my personal goal weight. I am not going to allow my journey to get derailed when I’m so close to the end. The meeting itself wasn’t great – we had a substitute leader and I didn’t really warm to her – but just being there, being surrounded by folks who were doing what I’m doing and who really believed it was all possible… it was like flipping a switch in my head. Things are only hard if I let them be. I’m going to get there.

And a special thank you goes out to the old college buddy who contacted me two weeks ago to thank me for inspiring him on his own weight loss. He’s down forty pounds in the past year. How awesome is that? These are the people I think of whenever I get embarrassed about sharing this stuff online. It’s incredibly gratifying and humbling to think that my experience is rippling out and helping people I don’t even know about.

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  1. Good timing for me – thanks! I’ve been having a very rough time the past few weeks with company and my birthday and a million other excuses I could throw out. I haven’t tracked points in weeks. But I will get back on track. Plus Nathaniel got me an iPod for my birthday, so working out just got fun!

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