Veronica Mars Finale

The Snook and I just watched the Veronica Mars finale. EEEEEEE! That’s all I can do, make high-pitched noises. EEEEEEE!Beaver’s reveal as the killer was shocking, but not that shocking. We’d pretty much guessed him to be the third molestee. I was hoping that Veronica’s long expository story about how he did it was a red herring though, and that we’d get the TRULY SHOCKING explanation afterwards. But DAMN, I’ll settle for LOGAN TO THE RESCUE and then the planes blowing up and the SUICIDES and the AARON GETS HIS COMEUPPANCE and the HUGGING and the BACON and the KEITH NOT BEING DEAD AND THEN, HOORAY, THE SMOOCHING AT LAST!… *sigh*

And then the Snook had to go and ruin it all by saying: “I bet Kendall has Logan’s baby next season.” GAHHHHHH.


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  1. I just watched it too. OMG.

    OMG. OMG. OMG.

    I love Channel BT.

  2. Crumpet, Channel BT is indeed Teh Shit. 🙂 And I had guessed that TB was the other victim of the Goodman, but I was hoping against hope that he wasn’t the killer just because he and Mac were so cute together. (I thought maybe Gia was covering up for Daddy Dearest – Stockholm Syndrome and all) And speaking of Mac, my heart went into a million pieces for her. If they do not renew for a third season, I hope the CW employees don’t have a company bus! But the whole “CW?”, “It’s a done deal” line is Rob Thomas telling us the real thing, not just being cute with us.

  3. What I meant to say in that final line was “I hope the whole CW…”

  4. Best final EVER.

    Ew @ Kendall having Logan’s baby. They wouldn’t do that to us… would they??

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