I was talking to the fabulous Miss Fee tonight after our television appearance (more on that soon), when she happened to mention offhand that she told her friend Jay about the Star Wars quilt and he thought it sounded really cool. “Wait a sec,” I said, knowing that Miss Fee circulates high in the echelons of Australian celebrity– “Jay Laga’aia??” “That’s him!” she said. CAPTAIN TYPHO???” The very same. Padme Amidala’s Head of Security is now aware of the quilt my Mom made and thinks it sounds cool. HOW INSANE IS THAT?

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  1. His character on Xena did the dirty with Xena. omfg.
    AND was in water rats. *fangirls*
    Kris, can you ask Miss Fee if she does the set for the chaser? Because my friends and I were in the studio audience and we played on the set after filming and it was a really awesome set. They even have a bed! I had a little nap. And I was impressed that the beaten up couch smelt like op shop.

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