Oh my gosh. My sister (who lives in LA) needs to go to the Bluth estate sale and pick up some Arrested Development props for us. How awesome would it be to give Snookums a Cornballer for his 30th birthday??


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  1. How much would you love to buy the Bluth family airport-step truck?

  2. Holy crap, we’re totally going to that. I’m not sure how much I would pay for Buster’s prosthetic hand or even his hook, but I’m sure it would be an embarrassing amount. Or the toy seal that he slept with after the ocean accident! Or…anything that George Michael touched, pretty much. What if they had his lightsabre or head gear? Oh my! Or even Franklin, the puppet?! Man, I miss that show…

  3. Heh. Imagine how much it would cost to convert the stair-car to a right-hand drive, Robert!

  4. I’m sure you could probably make back your money by using it to assist you breaking into second floor apartments 😉

  5. The cornballer just sold on ebay for about US$1100. 🙁

    Shame, if I’d seen it before the auction ended I would have tried to get it as well…

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