Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Dammit! I was all excited to watch the Eurovision Final tonight after watching the Semi-Finals earlier this week. And the first thing I do this morning is open My Yahoo… and get spoiled. BLAST. The silver lining, however, is that the act I was rooting for won!GO LORDI! I’d read about the Finnish metal band in some of the pre-show press and thought they sounded the coolest. Their performance in the Semis did not disappoint. I thought that the song was legitimately rockin’ and their outfits were great. They wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Buffy as some kickass demon musical act. And then the bit when the fireworks shot out the end of their guitars? GENIUS. I’m soooo glad they won! Now I’m just annoyed that the Eurovision soundtrack isn’t available on iTunes Australia. I need a copy of “Hard Rock Hallelujah”!


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  1. thay JUST happened to me too! and I have a friggin Eurovision party to go to tonight. dammit!

  2. i really didn’t think we would need to go into a media black out… 🙁

  3. Yeah. An Aussie MeFite got pissed when somebody spoiled it on the front page and it turned into a nasty flamewar. I was kind of embarrassed by all the Americans looking down their noses at the few people brave enough to admit they enjoy the contest.

  4. Do you have any idea what kind of party here (Helsinki, Finland) is next friday!
    Two days now only Lordi, Lordi… Hell freezes over, Finland wins the Eurovision Song Contest.


  5. Look at Lordi official Eurovision page.
    There is few mp3 and a video (Hard Rock Hallelujah) ready for download.

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