Rogue est finie!

Well, that was quick. Rogue’s done!

Rogue     Rogue Close-up

Except for the zipper. She’s so nice and warm! The 4-stitch I-cord edging down the front was harder to start than I expected. My first attempt turned out way too tight and curly. It took me a while to realize that my beautiful chain selvedge had one stitch for every two rows; therefore I needed to do alternate plain rows of I-cord between the rows where I joined it to the picked up body stitches. Then I noticed that my instructions had me knitting the last stitch and body stitch together through the back of the loop, which looked crappy when I then knitted the resulting stitch through the front of the loop on the subsequent plain row. (Trust me; it makes perfect sense when you’re doing it.) So I pulled it apart and decided to always knit that last stitch through the back. Then there was the grafting… and while mine isn’t seamless, it’s good enough. (Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to seamlessly graft a four-stitch three-dimensional tube onto a four-stitch curled stockinette edging. But whatever.) There’s some noticeable bulk there, but I figure that my zipper should end right about there anyway and that might disguise it. Once I find my zip, I think she needs one more good blocking. The sleeves could probably use another inch or two, and I still think that folded hem could lay flatter. But she’s finished!


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  1. Rogue — and you — both look great

  2. Lovely! I really like that color.

  3. Gorgeous! Nice job!

  4. Very nice! I don’t know what you were worried about – your seaming looks just fine. Now, don’t put off the zipper!!

  5. And she fits. Yay!

  6. hi kris, on an unrelated note, are you still into crocs shoes? i saw an ad in today’s good living liftout of the SMH, and there is a crocs warehouse sales starting thursday, going til sunday june 4. 10am-5pm most days, except friday til 4pm. its at fox studios, suttor stand, building 102, the entertainment quarter.

  7. Fan-bloody-tastic Kris ! Well done 🙂 My husband has mentioned that he wants to knit Rogue for me, I’ll show him yours for inspiration.

    And on an unrelated note, thanks LT, Crocs rock!

  8. You have some yarn, two stick and this is
    the result. I’m sure i miss something
    (or maybe i have a big hole in my

  9. Jussi, your enlightenment is compeletely intact, as is your sense of humour. ROFLMAO!

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