It’s going to be that sort of day…
This morning on the bus I was stuck between a woman wearing a Feathers scarf and a woman who was CLIPPING HER FINGERNAILS. (And we’re not talking just giving a quick trim to a snagged nail; she was doing a full-on manicure and – as far as I could tell – dumping the clippings on the windowsill.) The sad thing is, I really couldn’t decide which was more offensive.


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  1. without a doubt the feathers wins

  2. Depends on the colour of the feathers – was it that pukey green?

  3. oohhh goooooddd, I hate it when people clip their nails in public. But I have a *thing* about clipping nails.

  4. Pink Feathers. And it was that horrible, lurid shade of hot pink that makes me think of the bit from Microserfs where a character describes the Barbie aisle of the toy store as vaginal. That pink. *shudder*

  5. aaaaaaah! that’s one of my ultimate pet peeves! the clicking noise, the ricocheting bits of fingernail, I just can’t take it!

  6. Some Japanese women like to clip their fingernails in cafes, and you just hope to god that those nails don’t end up in your coffee! Totally gross.

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