Being dirty is fun!

moblogged imageBeing dirty is fun!
I locked myself out of the house so I’m stuck throwing pottery in my work clothes. Isn’t my little vase pretty?

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  1. that IS pretty. well done kris

  2. Thanks! I really like the little foot I put on it. It kinda looks like it’s floating.

  3. Really good Kris, well done you. Just wanted to let you know – at WW this week I’d lost the whole chunk I put on over the previous weeks – hoorah. I’m going down to Jervis Bay on Monday for 5 days, so I’ll see you the week after . . . but I’m back on track!

  4. Fantastic news! Well done. I meant to go to the meeting but I was just sooo tired and beat-down after a shocker of a day Tuesday… I just went home and hit the red wine. But I went for a jog today so I think I’m getting on top of things again!

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