Cedar Point’s Newest Ride

I was really surprised and disappointed to see that Cedar Point have taken out White Water Landing. That was one of my favorites! I used to love stepping off the stairs onto the big rotating platform and feeling the cognitive dissonance as my brain insisted that the rest of the world was turning, not me. Oh well, at least Snookums got to ride it on our last trip. I get that giant-ass coasters bring in the bucks, but I wish they’d keep some of the stuff I loved as a kid. I miss Kid Arthur’s Court; I miss the Dolphin show; I miss the Schwabinchen; I miss having the Giant Wheel smack dab in the middle of the park instead of smooshed over to one side. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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  1. You know, i was bummed out that they took down White Water Landing. Out of all the Water Rides that Cedar Point has to offer, the only one that was good was White Water Landing. Why couldn’t they have taken down something like Disaster Transport or any other unpopular ride in order to build a new coaster. Better yet, why not take down nothng at all??

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