Any of you Sydney females want to score some free movie tickets? I just got invited by the Nielsen people to watch a preview screening of a new TV show next Monday night, and they give you two free tickets for going. I can invite “three other female friends between 16-64.” Yeah, the whole thing was a bit marketing-spammy, but I don’t have anything on that night and it’ll be good blogging fodder. (It’s sad that that’s my criteria for doing things, isn’t it?) Plus I’ve always wanted to have more influence in deciding what CRAP gets shown on TV. So if you’re free Monday the 26th and you want to join me, just drop me a line. (The screening’s at 6:30pm in the city.)

Update: They’ve changed the date. It’s now on July 3rd.


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  1. I’m keen – what time

  2. I’ll e-mail you the details, babe! (I was hoping you’d go. Now I have someone to snark with if the show sucks…)

  3. yeah, i think i can do that (as long as its not reality TV) hehehe… might have to self harm if it is…. BTW its Goth Bex the knitta hehe

  4. Heh. I wondered if Becca from the shop had changed her online nickname… 🙂

    Awesome. You’re our third then! Drop me an e-mail (kris.howard AT and I’ll send you the details.

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