DietBlog: I’ve been quiet on the WW front lately, mostly because I put on a little bit two weeks ago (up to 79kg) and I haven’t done much to take it off. Last night I was due to get my Lifetime Membership, and I was a little depressed thinking that I was going to be over my Goal. Not much of a victory, huh? So I got ready to go to the meeting, and just before I left the house I stepped on the bathroom scales. It was under 78kg. “Huh! Maybe this isn’t going to suck after all!” I said to the cat. Half an hour later I weighed in officially… 77.5kg. That’s my lowest ever. How the heck did that happen? I had Una’s last weekend, for God’s sake! It’s inexplicable. (I have made one tiny change to my diet lately, but I’m not going to tell you about it til I confirm it’s having a positive effect.) Our leader Barbara was so happy for me, and she made me get up in front of everybody and tell them what I’d learned over the past year. I also got the “key” charm for my keyring and got my official LTM card (which gets me free meetings for life, as long as I stay under Goal). After the meeting I spotted Karen sitting in the back row, and impulsively I stopped to tell her how much she inspired me at my absolute rock bottom. I can only hope that I did the same for somebody else in the room last night!

And here’s something fun for those of you wondering what 22.5kg means in real size terms. I had the Snook take my measurements on April 10th last year, the day I started WW. I had him do them again last night:

Neck: lost 3.5cm (Off my neck? WHAT?)
Upper Arm: lost 6.5cm
Chest: lost 14cm (but my boobs haven’t deflated too much)
Waist: lost 20cm (That’s the biggie. I’ve now officially got an hourglass shape!)
Abdomen: lost 15cm (Curse my pot belly!)
Hips: lost 10cm
Upper Leg: lost 13cm
Calf: lost 4cm

(For confused Americans, 10cm is about equal to 4 inches.)


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  1. Yay! Very big congrats. I think you’ll do just fine on the maintenance part too. It eventually becomes just part of how you live.

  2. Congrats! I’ve been a lifetime member for four years now… and I’m still at my goal weight despite a few fluctuations. You’re going to do great!

  3. Wow, that’s awesome! Great job!

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