Ennis and Jack

Umm, I received a postcard at the shop today from Ennis and Jack. That’s right; the two gay sock monkey cowboys I stitched six months ago sent me a postcard. It’s a picture of them in a little house. And I don’t think it was Craig the winner, because he’s in the US and this was sent locally. So ‘fess up, who did it? I’m guessing Miss Fee, but I could be wrong. The handwriting looks so familiar…


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  1. …ahem…

    not me! no! never!

  2. AHA! Brilliant trick, my dear crumpet. What ever made you think of it? Are you fishing for your own gay sock monkey? Because I just might be tempted to reward such a fun idea… 🙂

  3. lol. i had the pic of jack and ennis on my wall at school as part of a project, and also had some rather pretty stencils used for printing collographs that i didn’t want to chuck out. so i hung them on my wall too, and of course had to hang the sock stencil in front of the sock monkeys. i was taking photos of my work the other day and just had to snap that one while i was at it. i printed it along with the rest, and was going to keep it for myself, but in a fit of insanity caused by 70-80 hour work weeks and no sleep, i decided that you just had to have it instead. 😀

  4. Wonderful! Actually if I’d thought about it, you can see the pushpins and I should have remembered that you put it up for inspiration. It was a pretty funny mystery for an afternoon though!

  5. was not me

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