Nicole’s Non-Annulment

How did Nicole Kidman re-marry in a Catholic Church? See, I wondered about that too! Especially after the priest mentioned consulting on her “annulment” earlier in the week. It seemed weird that she’d be able to get one after being married so long and actually getting pregnant as a result. So is it that the Church doesn’t recognize *any* marriages that aren’t performed in a Catholic Church, or just the ones from the Church of Scientology? Would I be able to one day divorce the Snook and marry a Catholic? (Hypothetically speaking.)


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  1. Perhaps. You’d have to check with a priest as to whether your first marriage was valid in the eyes of the church. A Scientology one obviously isn’t, but maybe a Las Vegas one is. Who would know? Maybe it is if you have an Elvis impersonator…

  2. Well, both my marriage and Nicole’s original one were *legal*… but I guess God’s law trumps all, huh? That seems like a majorly exploitable loophole though. You could get married and divorced dozens of times at City Hall and then still have a fully blessed Catholic Church wedding? Seems like that’s obeying the letter of the law but not the spirit…

  3. Kris, I’m a long time reader, first time poster. I believe that the article was using fuzzy logic. When I was briefly engaged, my fiance had been previously married by a minister and he still had to undergo an annulment before we could marry in the Catholic Church. As far as I know Annulments are for anybody legally and/or religiously wed. So, the Cath. Church would have recognized NK’s (and hypothetically your) marriage as one needing to be annulled before having the ceremony in the Church. Since only after the annulment would her previous marriage be declared non-existant.

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