Bye Bye Socceroos

And the Aussies are out. That sucks. I’ve been a little surprised at how bad the officiating has been in the few World Cup matches I’ve watched. Is that always the case, or is this year especially bad? Is this “human factor” something you’re just supposed to accept as part of the game (like in baseball), or is there a movement to introduce more video refereeing?


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  1. Well I just got to work after a very late night out. Leichhardt was really something. I wish my camera hadn’t died, it was a festival on Norton Street. What a damn shame that last minute referee call cost us the game.

    I would be *really* surprised if FIFA introduced video refereeing within the next 10 years. It perhaps works for a stop-start game like Rugby (League) but the fast pace and continuous nature of soccer is part of the game, as is, IMO, the human factor of refereeing…

    I just hope they go through the same level of scrutiny in selection as players do…

    Still, the roos really kicked butt, played over Italy in every way (except the one way that counts of course).

  2. Heh. We wondered if you were going to find yourself in the midst of a riot. 🙂

  3. I don’t think FIFA will go for instant replay anytime soon. I think the officiating has beed worse than normal this Cup; they refs seem to be making unecessary calls that heavily favor offense over defense. I think it’s partly an effort to increase scoring (did you hear about the new ball-no seams, and all the goalies are complaining- the ball moves more in the air). One thing I REALLY hope they cut down on in four years is all the diving and fake-injury theatrics, for which the Italians are so renown. I’ve noticed it in so many of the games, and it’s just plain annoying to watch. They should start carding more for diving and flopping and less for aggresive, but still legal, play. Sorry the Socceroos lost- I was cheering for them!

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