AND THERE IS ANOTHER ERROR IN THIS FRICKIN’ PATTERN…!Again, for the benefit of future Googlers: This is the Knot Cable Jacket from Debbie Bliss Noro Collection 2. I already found an error on the Right Front. There’s another error in the pattern for Knot Cable Panel B.

1st row P1, C4BP, C4FP, C4B, C4BP, C4FP, p1.

See that C4B in the middle? Should be C4F. Otherwise your twist looks wrong and stupid.

This book has been out for ever. Am I the first person ever to knit this?


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  1. Now you’re really worrying me. I’ve had the Entrelac Sweater in this book on my To Do list forever, and now I’m wondering what surprises will be in store for me when I do get around to knitting it. 🙁

    Let’s hope this is the last problem you find in this pattern.

  2. Just be careful. I fell into the trap of thinking that just because Debbie Bliss is such a well-known brand, the pattern would be infallible. I guess the lesson is: Never underestimate the incompetence of bad editors!

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